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Wanted Areawise Distributors across India

Location : Bangalore

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Posted On : 03-December-2013


Wanted Areawise Distributors across India

Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil is 100% natural.

This Oil is prepared using the Ancient Ayurveda method. No Chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of this Oil.

Clinically tested as per ISO standards

Uses of Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil:

•Prevents Hair fall
•Enables faster hair growth
•Opens up pores and promotes new hair growth
•Reduces, prevents and then Eradicates dandruff
•Reduces, prevents and then clears off hair lice
•Moisturizes dry hair
•Adds luster, shine and softness to hair
•Prevents premature hair greying

Wanted Areawise Distributors across India

A great product and Fantastic Margins for Distributor

Interested parties please reach out to us at ,

Mail : gileadhherbal@hotmail.com or gopi.krish@hotmail.com

Phone : 7305860061/9960896688

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gilea...95996377240305

Gopi Krishnappa

Contact Information

  • Phone: 7305860061
  • Contact Person: 9960896688
  • Mobile: 9960896688

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