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Spirit Depossession, Entity Removal,Spirit Releasement Therapy 9611656951

Location : Bangalore » Magadi Road » Anjana Nagar

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Posted On : 23-October-2013


Sanjeevini Spiritual Healing Center (SSHC )-9035127903, 9611656951

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a spiritual healing used to clear a person of additional spirit attachments and its associated negative energies. Entities attach to a living being when our energies are low. Fear, depression, angst and foul moods, alcoholism or drug abuse opens the door for attachment.

Once a person is free from possession, their own energy returns and they begin to feel like their usual self. Most people will notice some type of energy shift right away and better experience with healing as time progresses. Once the unwanted energy is removed, the aura of the affected person is healed.

A Spirit Releasement Therapy session can be require anywhere from as little as 1 session or may require several sessions. The length of the session depends on how many externall spirits are present and their willingness to readily leave.

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  • ad Address: No. 158, Ranganath Swamy Nilaya, K.E.B Road, Magdi Main Road, Anjana Nagar, Bangalore - 560091
  • Phone: 9611656951
  • Website: laaply.com
  • Contact Person: Sanjeevini Spiritual Healing
  • Mobile: 9611656951